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About the Honor Squad

Learn more about our family of gamers

The Honor Squad is an online multi-gaming PC clan based in North America. We are dedicated to creating a fun, friendly environment that fosters long term membership and a family-like atmosphere. As the name implies, we strive to be first and foremost, honorable. We have an honor code we live by and we value words like integrity, honesty, selflessness, and respect. We enjoy teamwork, fellowship, loyalty and having fun, but not at the expense of others.

We are a family of gamers, from all walks of life, who enjoy playing games online with others in a team environment. Our framework is centered around a military-like promotion system based on team loyalty and service, and while rank and accomplishment must be respected, everyone is treated with respect.

Our atmosphere is almost completely casual, but when our members show interest we compete in ladders and tournaments. Sometimes we may also have competitions within the Honor Squad, but regardless the goal is always to have fun, better ourselves through the process and build a tight-knit group of friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some frequently asked questions to help you learn more about the Honor Squad. If you have a question that isn't listed here, please feel free to contact us directly. If you'd like to join the Honor Squad please enlist here.

When did the Honor Squad form?

The idea to form the Honor Squad came about during September of 2010. The team itself formed 12 years, 3 months ago, in October of 2010.

Where is the Honor Squad based geographically?

We are based in North America (United States and Canada).

Does the Honor Squad accept members from outside North America?

No. We only accept members from North America (United States and Canada).

What is the Honor Squad tag?

When playing in game we use [ONR]Name where Name is your player callsign. An example of this tag would be [ONR]Tunnleram. This tag is our uniform and we take pride in wearing it.

What is the significance of the Honor Squad tag?

The ONR is the phonetic spelling for Honor.

Is the Honor Squad a military realism clan?

No. We are centered around a military-like promotion system based on team loyalty and service, but this is not the focus of our team.

What are the requirements for joining the Honor Squad?

You must be at least 13 years of age, live in North America (United States or Canada), have a functioning microphone, use Steam and either be honorable or want to be.

What is the average time of membership for the Honor Squad?

Based on the current roster, our members' average length of membership is 8.6 years.

What is the average age of members on the Honor Squad?

Based on the current roster, our members' average age is 34 years old.

How do I join the Honor Squad?

You can enlist in the Honor Squad by clicking here. You'll be presented with instructions and a short application to complete. We'll then review your application.

How long after I apply will I hear from someone?

It could take up to a week to review your application, but typically a day or two.

How do try outs work?

We don't have try outs persay since our main focus is not how high someone's KDR is. Instead, we recruit based on character. You can expect us to want to talk, hang out and play games with you to get a feel for who you are and if you're a good fit for our team. We also want you to get a good feel for who we are. This process could take an hour, a day or a week or two. It greatly depends on the time you spend with us.

What can I expect once I'm on the roster?

When a new member is added to the roster they undergo a 30-day evaluation period. During this time, they are assigned an orientation guide (a veteran member to guide them) and they are unable to wear the [ONR] tag. After the 30 days are over, as long as the new member is in good standing, they are promoted to Private and given their family tags.

When I join, am I expected to pay for game servers, voice servers, etc?

No. You're not obligated to pay for anything. Any donations are completely optional.

When I join, am I expected to buy certain games?

No. However, if you aren't able to play with other members because you don't have the games, it could prove challenging for you.

When I join, what is expected of me as a member?

It's expected that, at least once per week, you'll be active with the team in some form or another. Expected activity includes gaming with members, participating on the team website and hanging out in teamspeak. Obviously we understand real life can sometimes interfere with participation.

How do I move up in rank?

The easiest way to move up in rank is through consistent service to the team, but members are automatically promoted based on loyalty to the team over a period of time.

How often can I be promoted?

You can be promoted no more than twice every 30 days and you should expect that being promoted twice in 30 days is not typical. Significant service contributions to the team are the best way to fast track promotions.

What gaming platforms does the Honor Squad support?

We are 100% PC gaming. As far as we're concerned gaming toasters like Xbox and Playstation are not recognized as legitimate gaming platforms.

What games are played by the Honor Squad?

We have a list of core games that change as the team's preferences change. Our current core games are Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Rainbow Six: Siege and Rust. These are not the only games we play, but the games we play most.

How are decisions made about the Honor Squad's core games?

The core games we focus on is based soley on the games our members play. As this changes, so do the core games. The Honor Squad will never focus solely on one game.

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